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2015 PRASA-RobMech International Conference


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DAY 1: 26 NOVEMBER 2015  
07h30 – 08h30 Registration and Coffee   Venue 1
08h30 – 09h00 Opening and Welcome Prof Andrew Leitch  (DVC: Research and Engagement – NMMU) Venue 1
  Dr Benjamin Rosman (CSIR) Chair  
09h00 – 09h45 Keynote Address Prof Chris Williams Venue 1
10h00 – 11h00 Session 1A: Machine Learning Venue 1
Session Chair: Michael Mitchley High-level Rapid Prototyping of Graphical Models Hendrik De Villiers, Lynette Van Zijl and Thomas Niesler
Autonomous Prediction of Performance-based Standards for Heavy Vehicles Robert Berman, Richardt Benade and Benjamin Rosman
Semi-supervised Spectral Connectivity Projection Pursuit David Hofmeyr and Nicos Pavlidis
10h00 – 11h00 Session 1B: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Venue 2
Session Chair: Tracey Booysen Prototyping during the requirements elicitation process in the development of an underground unmanned aerial system. Jeremy Green, Annlize Marnewick and Jan-Harm Pretorius
Review of Standard Rotor Configurations for a Micro Unmanned Aerial System Angus Steele and Johann Treurnicht
Emotional Feedback for Service Robots using Hapto-Acoustic Interface Christina Pahl and Karthik Mahesh Varadarajan
11h00 – 11h20 Coffee Break Session 1A Venue 1
    Session 1B Venue 2
11h20 – 13h00 Session 2A: Speech Venue 1
Session Chair: Febe de Wet Using generalized maxout networks and phoneme mapping for low resource ASR- a case study on Flemish-Afrikaans Reza Sahraeian, Dirk Van Compernolle and Febe de Wet
Synthetic triphones from trajectory-based feature distributions Jaco Badenhorst and Marelie Davel
Unsupervised acoustic model training: comparing South African English and isiZulu Neil Kleynhans, Febe de Wet and Etienne Barnard
Predicting vowel substitution in code-switched speech Thipe Modipa and Marelie Davel
HMM Adaptation for child speech synthesis using ASR data Avashna Govender, Bakari Nouhou and Febe de Wet
11h20 – 13h00 Session 2B: Bio-inspired and Medical Venue 2
Session Chair: Riaan Stopforth Design of a Virtual Simulator for Transesophageal Echocardiography Remote Control Jose Zarate and Christina Pahl
Control Considerations of the Low Cost Prosthetic Touch Hand Drew van der Riet, Riaan Stopforth, Glen Bright and Olaf Diegel
Self-Learning of Inverse Kinematics for Feedforward Control of Intracardiac Robotic Ablation Catheters Ge Bain, Michael Lipowicz and Grant Kruger
Arachnid-inspired Kinesthesia for Legged Robots Nicholas Harvey and Andre Nel
Gait adaptation of a six legged walker to enable gripping Tracy Booysen and Florian Reiner
13h00 – 13h50 Lunch Break All sessions: NMMU North Campus Conference Centre Restaurant (Venue 1)
13h50 – 15h10 Session 3A: Vision 1 Venue 1
Session Chair: Fred Nicolls Single-labelled Music Genre Classification Using Content-Based Features Ritesh Ajoodha, Richard Klein, and Benjamin Rosman
Face and Iris biometrics person identification using hybrid fusion at feature and score-level Valentine Azom, Aderemi Adewumi and Jule-Raymond Tapamo
Using a Classifier to Track the Edge of a Conveyor Belt Ra'Eesah Mangera, Garry Morrison and Anthon Voigt
Contrasting Classifiers for Software-based OMR Responses Bertram Haskins
13h50 – 15h10 Session 3B: Manufacturing Venue 2
Session Chair: Igor Gorlach Integration of an Electrical Discharge Machining Module onto a Reconfigurable Machine Tool Bryndan Roberts, Igor Gorlach and Theo van Niekerk
Validating a Reconfigurable Assembly System Utilizing Virtual Commissioning HJ Vermaak and JA Niemann
Rapid Prototyping of Small Wind Turbine Blades Using Additive Manufacturing Sean Poole and Russell Phillips
An Intelligent Locator Inventory to Accommodate Mass Customization in an Automated Flexible Fixture System Andrew Illidge, Anthony Walker and Glen Bright
15h10 – 15h30 Coffee Break Session 1A Venue 1
    Session 1B Venue 2
15h30 – 16h30 Poster and Demo Session   Venue 1: Room 2
18h30 for 19h00 GALA DINNER  “WERK_”, Baakens Valley, Alabaster Street,  South End, Port Elizabeth
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
-33.968118, 25.620633
DAY 2 – 27 NOVEMBER 2015
07h45 – 08h15 Registration and Coffee   Venue 1
08h15 – 09h00 Keynote Address: Prof Jan Peters Venue 1
09h20 – 11h00 Session 4A: NLP & TTS Venue 1
Session Chair: Neil Kleynhans  Topic models for conference session assignment: Organising PRASA 2014(5) Michael Burke and Deon Sabatta
Extracting South African safety and security incident patterns from social media Vukosi Marivate
Introducing XGL - a lexicalised probabilistic graphical lemmatiser for isiXhosa Lulamile Mzamo, Albert Helberg and Sonja Bosch
A straightforward method for calculating the voicing cut-off frequency for streaming HNM TTS JA Louw
Text-based Language Identification of Multilingual Names Oluwapelumi Giwa and Marelie Davel
09h20 – 11h00 Session 4B: Navigation and Vehicles Venue 2
Session Chair: Nicol Naidoo A Local Planner for Ackermann-Driven Vehicles in ROS SBPL Nicolas Limpert, Stefan Schiffer and Alexander Ferrein
Navigation and locomotion of a low-cost Automated Guided Cart Gareth Cawood and Igor Gorlach
Switching Cascade Controllers Combined with a Feedforward Regulationfor an Aggregate Actuator in Automotive Applications Paolo Mercorelli, Nils Werner, Theo van Niekerk, Leander Behre and Udo Becker
Off-Road Vehicle Active Suspension Using Fluidic Muscle. Phase One – Design and Characterisation Trevor Stroud, Schalk Els and Hannalie Lombard
Optimizing Search and Rescue Missions through a Cooperative Mobile Robot Network Nicol Naidoo, Glen Bright and Riaan Stopforth, ZF Zelasco, J. Donayo
11h00 – 11h20 Coffee Break Session 4A Venue 1
    Session 4B Venue 2
11h20 – 13h00 Session 5A: Vision 2 Venue 1
Session Chair: Aderemi Adewumi Using the Earth Mover’s Distance for Perceptually Meaningful Visual Saliency Logan Dunbar and Fred Nicolls
A study on the effect of different image centres on stereo triangulation accuracy Jason de Villiers, Robert Jermy and Fred Nicolls
The effectiveness of combining the likelihood maps of different filters in improving detection of calcification objects Keith Chikamai, Serestina Viriri and Jules-Raymond Tapamo
Normal Distribution Transform Graph-based Point Cloud Segmentation William Robert Green and Hans Grobler
Creating a distortion characterisation dataset for visual band cameras using fiducial markers. Robert Jermy and Jason de Villiers
11h20 – 13h00 Session 5B: Education, Electronics and Control Venue 2
Session Chair: Jeremy Green Developing a Java based RFID application to automate student attendance monitoring Rangith Kuriakose and Herman Vermaak
BEETLE - A Modular Electronics Family for Robotics John Dickens and Hein Swart
Development of an educational tool to teach primary school pupils multiplication tables Suzanne Smith, Angus Steele, Johan Du Toit and Mariette Conning
Modelling of Boiler Fireside Control in Flownex Software Environment Andre Kellerman and Igor Gorlach
Sliding Mode Control for Electromagnetic Levitation System Based on Feedback Linearization Muhammad Aamir Akram, Ijlal Haider, Vali Uddin and Habib-Ur-Rehman Khalid
13h00 – 13h50 Lunch Break Venue 1
14h00 – 15h00 Annual General Meeting and Closing Venue 1



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